Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do I look fat?

Well we went for our 3rd weight check yesterday and...

6lbs 8oz

YAY!  The formula is helping!  I'm still a little sad that we're having to supplement, but it is helping her weight gain.  Once we started supplementing, she was a different baby.  She is now much more alert and awake and we don't have to fight as hard to wake her up to eat.  We will go back to the pediatrician Wednesday afternoon for another weight check.

I am still having to supplement with formula because I am not producing enough milk for her.  But she is back on the breast now- at least a little bit.  I am trying to nurse on one side for 15 minutes for each daytime feeding.  According to the lactation specialist this will help "keep her orientation to the breast" while we are working to increase my milk supply.  It is a challenge.  We are using the nipple shield because she is still having trouble latching, and now I think she is getting a bit lazy as well because she is not sucking as well.  It is so easy for her to feed with the bottle (which we had to give her and I'm glad we did) that it seems like she doesn't want to go back to the breast.

The lactation specialists seem to think that she has a problem sucking, which is why she was not getting enough milk to begin with and why my body is not producing enough milk.  She was not/is not properly stimulating my body.  They are thinking that she might need OT to help her learn how to suck. Tomorrow morning my neighbor, Judi,  is going with me to our first lactation appointment.  They will evaluate her suck, latch, and work with me to get her nursing well.  I still have hope!

Now for a few fun pictures!

Getting ready to go to my first church service

Kate Middleton has nothing on me...

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  1. So happy I was able to meet your sweet Phoebe! She is so precious!


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