Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baby Showers

We have been blessed to have wonderful friends and family throw several baby showers for us.  My first was thrown by some good friends Sara, Laura, and Ansley.  It was a quaint shower that was great time with good friends.  Everyone decorated a bib for Phoebe, which was such a cute idea!

Then the ladies at our church, Midway Presbyterian Church, threw me a big and wonderful shower!  Chris and I were both overwhelmed by the love and support the church showed through this shower!  It was an encouraging picture of the body of Christ.  My mom, Margaret, and Catrina were all able to come down for this shower as well.  (Please ignore the fact that I am wearing the same outfit...I don't have that many maternity clothes.  With the baby bump pictures, and these I think you've seen them all....)

The wonderful ladies at Northside threw a shower complete with all the yummy food that everyone likes to eat in the middle of the night!  Work showers are always fun because its a potluck of fabulous dishes! They collected money and gave us a gift card so that we were able to purchase the cloth diapers we are planning to use, bumgenius 4.0.  (I don't have any pictures from this shower yet, supposed to be getting some soon from a co-worker)

And then MUCH to my SURPRISE the girls at Kennestone also threw me a surprise shower!  The biggest part of the surprise was that I had to call out that night because of a death in Chris' family!  So they all enjoyed the food, but they did freeze the cake for me and we celebrated the next week.  

And then just a couple weeks ago, Margaret and Catrina threw us a shower up in Chattanooga!  I mean, we have been very spoiled.  It was fun to see some of Chris' family and friends from Chattanooga that we don't get to see too often.

With all our wonderful showers, the generous gifts from friends and family, and with the help of Craig's List (God Bless Craig's List) we're all ready for Miss Phoebe to make her debut!

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