Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Bump

Ok, let me briefly catch you up on the last 9 months or so.  Obviously the biggest change has been the size of my belly.  Its funny I really can't remember what it was like to not have a belly even though I've been not pregnant the majority of my life...  Check out the growth-

17 weeks

21 weeks

23.5 weeks

 26 weeks

 29.3 weeks

 32 weeks

 34.3 weeks

38.2 weeks

39.2 weeks

So quick funny story as it relates to my "baby bump" which is not so much of a bump anymore, but a rather large lump.  Anyhow last Friday evening we were at the Marietta Square for an outdoor concert with some friends.  (The last Friday of the month during the summer they do a free concert on the square and people bring their lawn chairs and coolers filled with drinks and food)  Its pretty crowded so when some man tapped me on the shoulder I tried to move out of his way- figured I was in front of his chair or something.  Well he proceeds to apologize for interrupting and begins to tell me how I have the "perfect pregnant belly" and how "beautiful my belly is."  A little awkward, but it gets worse.  He proceeds to ask me if he can take a picture of my belly.  I'm a little taken aback, but I say "umm, sure."  So he pulls out his camera and I ask if he is taking a picture of my face too, "should I smile?"  He says "no, do you want me to?"  "No.  what should I do with my arms?"  And he takes the picture.  Meanwhile some of the women around us (who are quite intoxicated at this point) assures me that he is "the photographer in Marietta"  Well at this point my friend and I practically run away laughing because its too awkward to stay there anymore.  So Chris and I have tried to look around at several Marietta photographer blogs, but have yet to see a picture of my belly.  I was wearing that same pinkish tank top in the final picture, so if you see my belly somewhere please let me know.

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