Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family Time

After Phoebe was born my parents stayed with us for about a week and were a big help!  They cooked for us, cleaned for us and played with  her so Chris and I could get a little sleep.  And of course took lots of pictures :)  That's something that I'm still not great at.  Dad got us a great new camera, so I really have no excuse...  I think between pumping, trying to nurse her, warming up breast milk, calling about doctor's appointments and insurance coverage for her, taking a nap, keeping the house semi-clean, washing bottles, and enough laundry done so that I have something to wear, I just don't think about pictures!

Last Thursday my sister-in-law, Catrina, and niece, Caylee, came down to help for a couple days!  It was great to have a little bit of a break with Phoebe.  Classes started at KSU last week so Chris had gone back to work and I was home all day by myself with a newborn, so the break was much needed.  I was able to get a few things done around the house, spend several hours on the phone trying to get her follow-up hearing screen scheduled (that is still not completely worked out..), and go out to the store for an hour!

Caylee walked around saying "bay-bay" all the time, which actually sounded like "phe-be" the way she would say it.  So my smart niece knows my baby's name already :)  If I would take Phoebe up for a nap in her cradle, Caylee would be very concerned and wonder where the "bay-bay" was.

Then last Friday evening my brother-in-law, JP, and Chris' parents came up for the night and stayed through Saturday afternoon.  Chris was out at the Braves game with 25 new students (yay!) so I was glad not to be by myself.  We went out to La Parrilla for Mexican and Phoebe slept the whole time in her car seat.

No trip to or from Mamo and Papo Bowen's is complete without pictures so...

Catrina, JP, Caylee and Phoebe

Mamo, Papo, and Phoebe

The whole family

Phoebe likes when her daddy reads to her :)

And then a few more pictures from Cece and Grandpa's visit

Grandpa loved reading Green Eggs and Ham and then making up his own rhymes

Frog legs

All clean after my bath 

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