Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Garage

I really wish we had taken some before pictures of our garage.  It was a mess!   Stuff piled everywhere!  Over the summer we bought some shelving and organized a lot of it.  Then when my dad came in July he made a "tool hanger" out of a 2x4 and some large nails so that we could get even more stuff off the floor.

We normally have some camping chairs hanging up here too...  I guess we were sitting on them this night

And then a few weeks ago Chris and I bought a roof-top carrier for the car.  Thanks to some Kennesaw State reimbursement money for RUF scholarships and an REI credit card Chris had a pretty nice REI reward from last year.  We had been planning to put that reward toward a roof-top carrier and roof rack.  Then when we were walking around REI one day they were all 20% off so we went ahead and did it.  We probably didn't need it quite yet, but in the future we will be driving more for family vacations and it is amazing how much more stuff a kid requires.  It was clear that at some point in the near future we were going to need some extra cargo space.

So great!  We bought our roof top carrier, but then we had to figure out how to store it in our garage or townhouse where the walls are quickly closing in on us.  I am so proud of my husband.  Look what he concocted!

He used a closet hanger and closet rail to hang our roof top carrier on the wall of the garage.  Thanks baby!

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