Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Final Birthday Post

Just wanted to post a few more pictures from Phoebe's birthday celebrations!  Her actual birthday was Friday, August 3rd.  My parents were here, so she opened presents and we went out to dinner.  She actually did quite well opening her presents- better than I expected.

Chris and I gave her a pair of shoes, which was quite the ordeal.  We wanted to get her some shoes in anticipation that she would be walking or at least cruising soon and would need something on her feet when she's not at the house.  I had searched through boxes of shoes at Once Upon a Child and I kid you not could not find one pair that fit!  Her little feet are so narrow that there were gaping holes on the sides of her feet and the poor girl would just walk right out of them.  So we ended up at Stride Rite paying as much (if not more) for a pair of shoes for my one year old than I would for myself.  But she got some cute pink sneakers that she wears ALL the time now, so it was well worth it.

We also gave her a bubble machine and toy house, which she loves!  And an antique letter box so that Chris can write her letters every year and we will probably give them all to her on her 16th birthday or something like that. Both Chris and I have antique letter boxes with letters from each other from when we were dating (and some since) and plan to do this for each of our children.

My parents gave her a book (which is always a hit), a giggling monkey (which she thinks is hilarious), a singing ball, and a rular/measuring stick.  I had seen these on pinterest and thought it was an adorable idea for recording kids heights, instead of using the old fashioned door frame- especially since we currently don't own our townhouse or plan to live her forever.  I believe Leah and Kyle had made one of these for their daughter as well, if I'm not mistaken.  Anyhow, Dad made it for Phoebe and it looks fabulous!  Thanks Dad!

Then on Saturday Chris' family came down and Phoebe got to celebrate again.  Among other things she got a Radio Flyer wagon that she loves to be pulled around in outside, and a little mini-wagon that she also loves.  She crawls into this in the family room and just sits there waiting for you to pull her around through the house.  Knox always follows, so we have a mini-parade.

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