Monday, November 7, 2011

Grandma El's

Another "no-no" or at least point of contention with cloth diapers is the use of diaper rash cream.   Most traditional diaper rash cream (Desitin, A&D Ointment, Bourdeaux Butt Paste) contain zinc oxide that works by creating a barrier between the skin and diaper to prevent diaper contents from irritating the skin.  Which is what we are wanting, right?  Well again there is the debate as to whether these creams/pastes affect the absorbency of cloth diapers by creating a barrier between the diaper contents and the soft fleece/absorbent pads in the diaper.

So wanting to be pretty cautious and make my diapers last, I found Grandma El's and LOVE it!  It has more of the consistency of Vaseline and actually smells pretty darn yummy!  It is a naturally derived product that creates a protectant barrier that also allows the skin to breathe (unlike the zinc oxide products), which promotes healing.  It also promotes the growth of new skin collagen, which helps the skin to heal.

Happy Heiny's, another cloth diapering company, endorses the product as safe to use with cloth diapers and I read many reviews from cloth diapering moms that whole-heartedly endorse it as well.  I must say I'm a convert.  I love the stuff.  I have found that it does heal Phoebe's diaper rash much quicker than Butt Paste and it doesn't leave a white residue on her bottom.

Of course the best remedy is good old fashioned air time in her birthday suit.  We do have a cloth wet pad (like a hospital chux if you're familiar with such things) that we try to lay her on sans diaper whenever we start to notice a bit of redness.

Has anyone else used Grandma El's and liked it?

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  1. Did you really say that diaper rash cream smells yummy? Those are not two things I would have associated. I am not sure I will test out your hypothesis.


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