Friday, November 18, 2011


It is so fun to watch Phoebe grow and discover new things.  Each little milestone is so exciting for us!  We will just sit and watch her waiting for her to show us something new.  We're just waiting for her to roll over.  She's so close!!!

A couple weeks ago Phoebe started grabbing everything!  The other night Chris and Phoebe played tug-o-war with a hanger that she picked up off the bed.

She loves to grab at the toys hanging off her play mat...

She grabs and pulls up all her dresses and shirts...

It was hard to take her picture this night because whenever she would smile she would pull the dress up over her head

She grabs any blanket she has over her and it normally goes straight to her mouth

And she grabs my hair!  The awful part is she'll pull it out.  Oh how I love the post-pregnancy hair loss...

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  1. so cute!! I remember when Emery first reached out to grab a toy... I called Kyle SCREAMING and of course sent him a video like 2 minutes later. Oh the things that make me excited! haha

    And BTW post pregnancy hair loss is the WORSTTTT. I seriously chopped 5 inches off of my hair b/c I couldn't take it anymore. Luckily it does stop!


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