Sunday, July 1, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

I really enjoy hunting through garage sales and estate sales,  but I must admit I have not had much time or patience for it recently.  It seems like I have always had other things to do on Friday and Saturday mornings.

Last weekend though when I was coming back from my run with Knox I noticed that some of the neighboors accross the street were having a multi-family yard sale.  I walked over to check it out and ended up with a little play-set for Phoebe!

It is nothing we ever would have bought at the store, but for $10 it will provide us with some summer entertainment in the backyard.  She loves to swing so when we can't make it to the park, she can play a little here.

Phoebe is not so sure about the slide.  That is not as much fun as the swing right now...

And then we drove right past another garage sale on Saturday coming back home from the Verizon store.  I found this little toy for Phoebe for a quarter...can't beat that.

Once Upon a Child has become another favorite of mine.  I have always said that whenever we needed clothes for her, we would find second-hand clothes at Once Upon a Child.  With shower gifts and grandparents and hand-me downs we have been set for the first year, but eventually I'm sure we will need some clothes.  They have tons of gently used toys too.  We actually bought her a birthday present here last weekend.  (She'll never know the difference...)

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  1. Yay! She is wearing her ladybug dress! Love it!


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