Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nine Months

Besides being the month of doctors, nine months has given us a new top tooth, seen Phoebe's legs develop so that she will stand up (she would never straighten her legs to do this before now), been the month of night-time awakenings, but still no crawling.

Phoebe's bottom two teeth came up pretty easily.  But man, this top one was rough.  The worst of it was the week before we could feel it poking out.  Poor baby would just scream and scream and scream whenever we would lay her down for a nap or bed and would wake up in the middle of the night screaming.  It is her left lateral incisor that has now come in.

Phoebe is not crawling yet and really not getting her knees up underneath her at all yet.  I'm not sure if she'll crawl at all.  She has gotten pretty good at rolling back and forth to propel herself forward to reach the toy (or in many cases dog toy...) that she is wanting.  She has started standing with support.  Until recently she would always pull up her legs and refuse to stand.  But she is not creeping yet.  She locks her knees when she is standing up.  Its actually pretty funny because we can't get her to bend them at all.

For no apparent reason after Easter Phoebe started waking up in the middle of the night sometime between 12:30am-2am to eat.  She would take a bottle and go right back to sleep.  It was just odd because she hasn't done this since she 2 months old (and it obviously was not a growth spurt).  There were a couple nights when she was wide awake and would not settle back down for an hour to two hours.  Those nights were rough....but most of the time she would go straight back to sleep.

9 Month Stats
Weight: 14lbs 5oz (off the chart)
Length: 26 3/4 inches (25th percentile)

She really doesn't... that's the problem.  She was actually eating great for about 4 days and we really thought we had turned a corner.  It was so nice not to have to fight to get her to eat!  But we were wrong.  She's still eating stage 2 baby foods.  We've tried to give her more finger foods, but the Puffs are the only thing she will eat.  Everything thing else- bananas, cooked apples, lima beans, broccoli, cheese, tomatoes, chicken, sausage, potatoes, mac&cheese- she will throw on the floor and spit out of her mouth.  How do we make the transition to table food?

Phoebe has started sleeping till 7:30 in the morning instead of 6:30 (yay!)  Mommy has appreciated that.  She's also been extremely flexible this month with her naps.  She is taking two naps a day now lasting between 1-2 hours each.  We've traveled a fair amount this past month and had doctors appointments and vet appointments and who knows what else but it seemed that we could never commit to a scheduled nap time each day, but she adapted and adjusted well.  So those naps might have been at different times every day, but she was a trooper and rolled with the punches.

Phoebe has a toy kitchen her cousin Caylee gave her that she loves.  It makes noise and lights up and she gets a kick out of it.  She also loves her "Phoebe" stool.  Its a puzzle stool with her name.  She enjoys chewing on the letters and throwing them for mama to pick up.  And "Where is Baby's Belly Button" is her favorite book.  She enjoys lifting the flaps and turning the pages.  She continues to be a happy, giggly baby who is easily amused by people.


  1. Jen, she is just so beautiful! I love her hair, eyes, and sweet little dimples!!! I've heard some babies don't really eat table food til they are much older (like closer to 2) after their molars come in! So I wouldn't sweat it.....AND, with baby food you definitely have more control with knowing how much they eat (and being able to pack in the calories) .....once you start table food, there is NO going back, and NO way to force them to eat what you think is best! :) Besides the ease of not having to spoon food, I miss the control baby food brought. She also much not be able to smash even soft foods yet, so keep offering, but there's no need to rush it!

  2. oh my gosh, she is way too young for you to be worried about table food!! my oldest son transitioned himself to table food at around 10 or 11 months, but my youngest is still mostly eating baby food at 14 months AND he has 4 molars! he will eat some bread, pancakes, pretzels, crackers (all gluten free), and he'll eat a banana and maybe one or two other fruits. but obviously that's not enough to live off of, so he still gets a pouch of baby food at each meal every day. i actually love it because i can get all kinds of good healthy greens in him - spinach, broccoli, etc - stuff he would never pick up and eat with his fingers. so it's all good! my advice is just to keep giving her baby food at each meal, then offer 2 to 3 finger things on her tray (just a few pieces of each b/c most likely you'll be throwing it away for a while). if she eats one bite of one thing, just praise her and let her be free. no pushing, no fighting, no drama. she's not even one year old yet!!!


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