Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

My first official Mothers Day was wonderful!  Being a mother is such a blessing; I love my little girl more than I ever thought possible.  Phoebe gave me a beautiful necklace and wrote me the sweetest card!  Since we were heading down to the beach Saturday morning, she gave it to me at home a little early.

She gave me this James Avery necklace and actually helped me open it!  She might have had more fun helping to open the gift than picking it out and purchasing it.

Here's a little bit better picture of the necklace.  I love it!  Thanks Phoebe!

Helping open the present...
The tissue paper was her favorite part

She also wrote me the sweetest card!  Well Phoebe doesn't have the best penmanship yet, so she dictated it to daddy to write.  Here's my favorite line from her card "You're the best mommy ever!  Daddy says you're a pretty amazing wife too...whatever that is.  But if you're half as good of a wife as you are a mommy then daddy must be pretty blessed"

I'm the blessed one.  I have one amazing husband and daughter!

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  1. Love seeing new pictures! Phoebe is as adorable as ever!!!!


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