Monday, March 26, 2012

One tired puppy

We took Knox to the dog park last weekend for the first time, and it was so much fun!  He had a blast!   I must admit I was a little nervous about going.  I didn't know what to expect.  I've never had a dog before so I am somewhat unsure of what puppy/dog play looks like.  There are lots of dogs in our neighborhood, but most of them are very little.  Knox has met some of them and has wanted to play but they 1. aren't playful dogs or 2. are dogs he could eat for lunch even as a puppy.  There is one small white dog (I have no idea what kind) that we see out walking fairly frequently.  One time Knox batted/boxed at her (like Boxers do...hence the name) wanting to play and I think the owner was offended and felt like Knox was being aggressive.  She promptly walked away and has avoided us ever since.  So all that to say even though there are a lot of dogs on our street, Knox had not had a lot of socialization with other dogs.

 On Saturday he had fun, but was still just getting used to playing and being around so many dogs.  But on Sunday he found a friend, Enzo.  Enzo is a English Bulldog puppy just a couple months older than Knox and they quickly became best friends.  I hope we see Enzo again soon.

Now granted I've only been twice, but the dog park seems to be an interesting place.  It is certainly its own little social circle...  And as a side note, let me mention how I got peed on on Sunday.  Yes, peed on.  Apparently my green pants looked deceivingly like a tree.  I was standing next to the stroller talking to a group of people when I felt something wet on the back of my leg.  Another Boxer (of all dogs) had just lifted his leg and mistaken me for a good place to pee.  Lovely.

Pooped after playing at the dog park

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