Thursday, February 9, 2012

We miss you Knox!

So last Saturday Chris dropped Knox off at puppy school for 2 weeks of training at Man's Best Friend.  He should be one of the best behaved 12 week old puppies when we pick him up.

You see this training is WHY we got the dog to begin with.  Yes, we had always wanted a dog, but the agreement had always been that we would wait until we had a yard for him to run and play in.  Last fall we were at the Marietta Square weekly farmers market and there was a silent auction as a fund raiser for Leo Mazzone's fuzzy friends.  There were quite a few items we were interested in so we decided to come back close to closing-bid time.  We decided on our max bids for several items, put our names and bids down and then we waited.

Well of all the items we bid on, we won two.  $1,500 worth of dog training at Man's Best Friend and a large dog crate filled with goodies....  Guess its time to get a dog.

We paid $100 for $1,500 worth of training and $110 for the crate and goodies.  Our max bid for the crate was $100 but when it looked like we were going to win the training I got into a bit of a bidding war with another lady who also wanted to crate.  I won.  Ha.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I want to go to another silent auction so I can beat someone else out for the prize...

Turns out this training package we won gets you the creme de la creme training.  He goes to Man's Best Friend and boards there for 2 weeks while their trainers train him.  They train him on and off-leash.  He will learn the five basic commands- sit, stay, heel, down, and come.  As well as several others that they told us about.  He will come back house trained and crate trained, which are what I'm most excited about right now.  When we called to check on him the other day they said they were working with him on not barking in the crate.  (Thank you Jesus. He whines and barks almost all night in the crate and its pitiful!)

I admit the first couple days he was gone it was a bit of a relief not to have to worry about Knox AND Phoebe.  But then I started to miss him.  And now I'm worried he won't remember us when he comes home and it will all be new again.  He was taken away from his mommy and brothers and sisters and displaced to our house for 2 weeks.  Just when he was starting to get used to it here we took him to puppy school.  Poor guy.

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