Monday, January 9, 2012

Extreme Couponing

Ok, maybe not extreme.  Who really needs 80 bottles of salad dressing or 100 cans of corn?  Besides that who has the space to store all that not to mention the time to devote to finding all those deals and coupons?  I don't.  I must admit that I don't coupon quite as much since Phoebe has been born, but a good 20-30 minutes per week (normally while I'm pumping so what else do I really have to do during that time anyway?) can save you a lot of money.  People always ask can couponing really save you that much money?  Yes!  On average I save almost as much as I spend on my grocery/drugstore bill each time I shop.  And I buy products that we actually use on a regular basis.  Everyone could use a few extra dollars in the bank, especially now that those holiday credit card bills are coming in...

Check out some of my recent savings below:

From a Kroger trip:
Total Value purchased: $25.05
Total Spent: $9.16
Total Saved: $15.89

From CVS:
Now CVS does take a bit of planning and multiple transactions at the register with the Extra Care Bucks (ECB).  But I've found it can save you some big bucks, especially on some of those more expensive toiletry items.  These purchases were made in 2 separate weeks (2 different sale ads)

Week 1

Week 2

Total Value Purchased: $81.24
Total Spent: $38.83
Total Saved: $42.41+ $1.50 ECB in my wallet for another time

I follow Southern Savers to find all my sale and coupon match ups.  She has already done all the work so I I have to do is click, cut and shop.  Check it out!

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