Friday, September 23, 2011

Timeout- Team Bowen

Last weekend Chris and I called a timeout went out on a date!  Well, actually we had two timeouts and two dates!  The first one had been planned for awhile.  Over the summer when Wicked tickets went on sale at the Fox, Chris (knowing that I LOVE Wicked) had the foresight to say "Jen will probably need a few hours out of the house to do something fun," so he bought tickets!  Actually the day the tickets went on sale Chris went down to the Fox around 7am to get in line at the box office.  He was the first one there and since they started selling tickets at the box office one hour before online ticket sales started, Chris was the first person to purchase tickets!  (First "regular" person to purchase tickets anyhow- season ticket holders and Friends of the Fox excluded)

So last Saturday Mamo and Papo came down from Chattanooga to babysit Phoebe while Chris and I went too see Wicked.  It was fabulous and I love the Fox, so it was a fun afternoon!  Chris had never seen Wicked before; he really enjoyed it and now he knows all about popular.

2nd Timeout-

A sweet lady from our church, knowing that I had enjoyed the book, The Help, offered to watch Phoebe while we went out to see the movie!  So she babysat Phoebe Monday night when Chris and I went to the movies!  We both liked the movie and had a fun evening out.  I must say I did miss Phoebe though!  It was the longest time I'd been away from her!

I'm sure we'll need many more timeouts as we continue on this adventure, but our first two were certainly fun!

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