Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{WIWW} Whoops

Having a bad week?  Need a little pick-me-up to get you over the hump?  Let me tell you about some of my "not-so-bright" or "whoops" moments over the past month.  (I'm glad its now March...time for a fresh start)  They are sure to make you feel a bit better about yourself.  I'm actually a little embarrassed to share this, but oh well.

But first to make myself feel a little bit better- this outfit was not a whoops.  I actually think it turned out pretty well.

Cardigan- Gap Clearance
Jeans- Gap Maternity
Shoes- Ecco
Necklace- ??  I think from some random shop in CA??

And now the whoops...

1.  I clean both mine and Phoebe's shower and bathroom on a weekly basis.   I especially want hers to be clean since she is sitting in the bath-tub.  I have never had a bath mat or no-slip mat in my tub, but I do have one in Phoebe's tub.  I don't know why it NEVER crossed my mind that I needed to pick up and clean underneath the bath mat.  I have just been scrubbing around and over it like it is a permanent fixture in the tub.  Well the other day I noticed something black around the edge of the bath mat.  Hmmm, interesting.  So I pulled it up and you can just imagine what it looked like underneath.  I will spare you the picture.  Needless to say that bath mat went in the trash and I got to scrubbing...  Whoops.

2.  I have had no bladder control issues while being pregnant.  No leaking when I cough, sneeze or laugh.  But not once, but TWICE I have been running to the bathroom (at home) and sat down to pee only to realize that I forgot to open the lid of the toilet.  Yes people, I made it to the toilet just not in the toilet...  Whoops.

3.  I didn't know until recently that when you clean your oven using the auto-clean feature that you have to wipe out all the ashes from the bottom of the oven.  I could not figure out why I kept "cleaning" my oven to burn everything away, but it was still smoky when I used it.  I don't know why it never crossed my mind that after you essentially burn everything in there during the auto-clean session, that you needed to go in and do a manual clean as well...  Whoops.

What are some of your bright shining moments from this past month?  Please tell me I'm not the only one who does things like this?


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  1. mommy brain? just a little? I don't even have an "excuse" and I'm opps'ing all over the place! plus I have a tween who likes to play pranks on me, like taping the water sprayer so that when I go to wash dishes it sprays all over me! You look FAB!!! you're all baby bump, so presh. love the blue and yellow and red flats!!

  2. oh that bathroom one is too funny!! and you look adorable! love your baby bump!!

  3. Looking cute! I'm also an expectant momma. Found you through WIWW! http://bybmg.blogspot.com/2013/03/what-i-wore-wednesday.html

  4. I love your blog! I found you via 'enjoying the journey' and I'm so very glad i did! I can't wait to read more about you as your new follower :)

    -Cassie @ life-inthemaking

  5. You are too cute!!!! :) these bump pictures make me miss being pregnant... although I have a pretty cute little 2-month old man that makes me smile now!
    xoxox Holly

  6. haha hey I didn't know that thing about the oven either so you're good :)

  7. Haha at least you have attempted to clean your oven, that is more than I can say! :-)

  8. hahaha this post totally made me laugh and yes the outfit looks good , you look awesome .

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  9. I love your baby bump, so cute and I can remember well the first time I thought to go under the bathmat. :) Not cool, I just threw it away too and started over.
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  10. So what's your secret to staying so teeny while being pregnant? Your belly is the ONLY thing that grew. How did you do it?

  11. oh i love that ur being REAL ... i have DONE the toilet thing before! .. i do A LOT of "oops" moments and i don't have pregnancy brain - of course i can't think og them right this second (figures) - but oh i'm sure i'd have some to make u chuckle :o)

    and PS - since i'm new to ur blog - CONGRATS!!!!!

  12. I had no idea that you had to clean your stove either after you "auto clean" it. That is nuts!
    Thanks for linking up!!


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