Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random Wednesday Confessions

I confess... I got dressed this morning with the outfit I was going to take pictures for for {WIWW} and the shirt didn't cover my belly.  It is a maternity shirt from my last pregnancy.  It is a little more "summery" so I haven't worn it yet this year, but these warm sunny afternoons have been perfect for more spring-time attire.  All these stupid clothes are supposed to fit "all 40 weeks of pregnancy."  I tell you what, there are not many of those tops that cover my belly now at 40 weeks.  Not cool.

I confess... when we saw this gun laying on a car in the Harris Teeter parking lot at the beach last fall we did not call the police.  Yeah, it was weird.

I confess... that I really wanted this Eggplant Parmesan wives tale to work for me.  I have until 7:10 tonight to have this baby in order get a $25 gift card and shirt for the new baby.  tick tock, tick, tock...

I confess... I paid someone to clean my house on Monday for the first time ever and it was worth every penny to have the whole thing clean at once.  
I confess... I gave Phoebe back a piece of her sandwich that fell on the floor at the restaurant the other night.  If she gets some weird disease now you know why.
I confess... that one time I wearing green pants at the dog park and a Boxer named Tupac came up lifted a leg and peed all over me and my pants.  Awesome.  Apparently I looked like a tree...


pleated poppy


  1. Come on baby, I want to know if you are a she/he in there, hopefully the eggplant dish works magic for you!

  2. COME ON BABY! I literally laughed out loud at your confessions - especially the dog peeing on you. And that gun - wtf?!?!?!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. We are all guilty of the 5 second rule. The dog peeing on you oh no poor you, that was funny!!


  4. These are so funny!! That's too bad about that dog. That baby has got to be coming soon! And you really make me want to get a maid to come and clean the house one day over spring break. Or maybe I'll just put on my wizarding hat and get it all done myself in one day when I have it...maybe I'll bribe myself with a prize. Hm.

  5. girlfriend I am ALWAYS giving Luke stuff that falls on the floor. We're just boosting their immune systems, right?! Also, I think the gun thing is mega weird.

  6. gun?!!? what? did someone leave that on your car?


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