Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{WIWW} There's No Place Like Home

There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home.

These shoes have yet to whisk me back home.

Despite their lack of magical powers, I do love these red shoes.  Many kids as well as adults for that matter have called them my "Dorothy" shoes.  Consequently the Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite childhood movies.

I only have one outfit for you today.  Not because I didn't get dressed this week, but because I just forgot or didn't have a chance to take pictures.  This link-up has been great at holding me accountable to not wearing jeans and a t-shirt every day.

Tunic & Leggings- Motherhood Maternity/Pea in the Pod (do you really care where I bought my maternity clothes?)
Purse- Fossil outlet last winter
Shoes- Ecco 4+ years ago

For the record I love Ecco shoes.  (I think I've mentioned that before.)  I also love Fossil bags.  I like purses.  I'm certain I don't have nearly as many as some of you, but I have a few.  I love the idea of changing bags to match my outfits, but realistically I don't do it.  I do good to get out the door with a purse and diaper bag- forget finding a bag that coordinates with my outfit and then emptying the current contents into it.  I got this bag a year ago and have carried it most days since then.  It is nice though when it coordinates with the shoes and doesn't clash with the outfit. 

And I'm sorry the pictures are so dark.  Chris left early for work and because the sun is coming up later it was still pretty dark outside.  A lot darker than I realized at the time.  Why we didn't just take the pictures inside...I have no idea

. pleated poppy


  1. Popped over from WIW. LOVE red shoes. Yours are darling.

  2. what cute red shoes! and love the tunic with the leggings!

  3. Who doesn't love red shoes! Every woman should own at least 1pair!
    Love yours!

  4. I love that top and those flats!

    xo Niki


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