Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{WIWW} Did I mention I dyed my hair?

Just so you know I LOVE coupons.  I especially love coupons for free things.  A few weeks ago one of the students gave me a little black card.  This particular little black card was good for a free hair cut and hair color at the salon she works at.  FABULOUS.  Another little tidbit of information you might not know- I have always wanted to dye my hair red.  Not bright fire engine red, but more of a brownish red.  Since Chris and I have been married I have found myself with a deal like this a couple other times, but I always chickened out.  I ended up going with blond highlights or something that was less drastic and wouldn't be too obvious when it grew out and I didn't go back to re-dye the roots.

So this time I went for it.  I thought what the heck?  I'll deal with roots.  (Because unfortunately I don't have $70-$100 extra to dye my hair every 6 weeks)  So I did it.

Dress- Gap
Cardigan- Express (I think its actually from high school...  Maybe early college)
Leggings- Target
Boots- Nine West Outlet last Winter  (I LOVE these boots!)

Now before you fully judge the hair let me caveat these next pictures by saying pink probably isn't the best color for the new hair.  Lesson learned.  But unfortunately these are the only other pictures I have.

Dress- Target
Necklace- LOVE IT!  From some boutique.  Purchased in college- as most of my jewelry was

Quick frustration about Target clothes.  I often think they have a few cute items.  I have a couple dresses and a couple shirts from Target.  But my biggest complaint is that they are SO CHEAP.  I am constantly frustrated that they start to pill so quickly and so easily.  It is hard to get more than one season of wear out of them because they start to look ratty.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I have even tried line drying them instead of using the dryer, but they it really hasn't seemed to help prolong the life.

And final question- what do you think about the hair?  Do you like it or no?  I totally won't be offended if you don't- Chris doesn't like it either

pleated poppy


  1. Checking in from the PP.

    I think the hair is cute. I feel you on the quality of clothes. I've committed to only buying quality which is so hard because it means one or two new things once a month. However, I think the cheaper stores have excellent accessories!

    Love your boots, too. They look so comfortable!

  2. yeah for a great deal on a haircut! I like your color!! and LOVE those boots!

  3. I love coupons too but it seems like everytime I try to use them, they are already expired which is btw my fault for not checking beforehand. So my hubby gives me a hard time since then. But I do love it when doing online shopping. Anyway, for some reason, I think your hair looks pretty when you were in your pink dress. I don't see anything wrong with the color. Or maybe it's just me. But seriously, the color isn't that bad...I guess it's just how you style it would make it look better. Love your boots too!

    I'm visiting from PP. Hope you can check out my page too. Thanks! :)

  4. I hate to be the party pooper of the crowd... but I'm with Chris. Don't love the hair. It's not that it really looks 'bad,' it's just not you. In my opinion. :-) Good job on the styling though. I'll have to update you on my own session with Bria!

  5. Cute outfits! I love the boots with the dress in the first one.


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