Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{WIWW} Belt Finale

I love belts.  Unfortunatly I don't think I will be able to wear them much longer.  So I am getting in what I can before it is too late.  This week quite possibly might need to be my belt finale. 

Dress- Gap
Belt- Banana Republic Outlet
Boots- Nine West Outlet
Earrings- You guessed it.  Boutique find in college

And one more belted outfit-

Sweater- Target last year (apparently I have a few more Target items than I thought)
Belt- Gap Outlet also last year
Boots- Nine West outlet...yep, last year

So what do you think about the boots?  I thought they were cute in the store and I think I wore them all of once MAYBE twice last year.  They were really cute in the box and on the sales lady, but I'm not sure how I feel about them.  Can I pull them off?  How else can you wear ankle boots?

Oh, and by the way- two weeks later I am LOVING the hair.

pleated poppy


  1. I love your dresses! I especially like the orange one. And you can still wear belts!! You can just wear them above the bump. You would just have to get a skinny one or two, but that's definitely how I've seen pregnant women transition into belts through pregnancy. :)

  2. Cute dresses! I love the sweater dress for fall! I'm not sure how to style those type of boots, but I would definitely wear them more! They look good on you.

    You can definitely still wear belts! I've seen people wear them up until the day they gave birth! Just wear a skinnier belt above your baby bump!

  3. Love your pregnant style! and you can wear belts! I used to love mine above my bump, it made regular shirts have a sort of empire waist and was super comfy.

  4. I am loving your pregnancy style, your dresses are amazing...especially that print on the orange and white one. I found you at The Pleated Poppy link up. I am loving your style and have found a lot of inspiration in your blog especially for when I am pregnant one day! I'm very happy to be a new follower and hope we can keep in touch!



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